Does Shopify monitor sales from social media advertising properly?

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Whenever I spent money on Facebook adverts the number of visitors and revenue goes up but it still says no sales from social source. For example, we put up an advert yesterday advertising a particular product and that item was ordered alot more than usual. It's more of a niche product. Shopify initially had $22 from Instragram and then it vanished back to $0.


Would I right in saying that it can't be a coincidence that the number of visitors and sales goes up when we advertise even those Shopify is telling us we have received no sales from them?

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Hey Tyler.. have you connected your domain to Google Analytics (GA)? I would suggest use that + tools like Amplitude for your in-store flow.


Even with GA sometimes there could be discrepancies but it is far more reliable for off-app traffic. Amplitude is the best for in-store.


And no - it CANNOT be a coincidence that when you run ads, you get visitors - else you don't. 

Kay Mann, the eCommerce nerd and Bitmoji fan 🙂