Domain Forwarding & SEO Ranking Question

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So here's the question/dilemna at hand... 
I had to buy my own TRADEMARKED company name website address ( from another company that bought it up when I started my company. (Yes! BELIEVE IT!). It cost my company $2600, those rats at Huge Domains .com! I made monthly installment payments the last 3 years and just made the last one. In that time, I was able to use the address to foward it to another (, but since I didn't technically OWN it yet- I could not use it as the landing website. SOOOO....Now that I own it outright- MY QUESTION IS:
Since all of my organic SEO google ranking was earned on the Divas For url- if I flip them and have that url forward to my company name url Defense Will I lose all that extremely hard earned page rank in Google indexing? I'm thinking that I shouldn't touch it, but I really want my trademarked brand name to be the company address people land on. Help please from any SEO friends out there!!!!!

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Great question. Need to know this too.

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It is okay to set the forwarding for the new domain to be the parent one. But what you want to do is to set a 301 redirects on all the links from the old one to the new one so you can pass the SEO value along. Not setting a 301 redirect will be the bad move.