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lets say im a blogger who is using affiliate links. Can I get my own site an affiliate link so people come to my site with an affiliate link trough an promoter and then they click on the affiliate link on my site and then buy the product. And after I get my commission and get paid could I still track down who came trough the link of which promotor so I can pay him his commission? Is there any extension or something for that?


Appreciate the help

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Dear @TonyVance010 ,


Yes, there's a way to achieve this and it involves using an Affiliate Marketing Program software. As the owner of your website, you can become an affiliate for other brands while having your own affiliate program where other promoters market your site.


  1. As the owner, you can use affiliate links on your site to promote other brands. When visitors from your site click on these links and make a purchase, you get a commission.
  2. You can also create an affiliate program for promoters who market your site. They direct traffic to your site through their unique affiliate link. When their referrals make a purchase on your site, the promoter gets a commission.


Tools like UpPromote, Automizely Referral, or BixGrow are powerful affiliate marketing solutions you can consider integrating into your site. These tools will help you track referral links and assign commissions to each promoter depending on your arrangements.


To answer the end part of your question, to track which promoter sent you the visitor, just use a parameter in the URL the promoter shares. This will ensure their traffic is recognized as being directed by them.


I hope that this helps!

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