Double Content Views, Ads to cart, Link clicks in Ads Manager

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Today I encountered some issues with how Ads Manager is displaying data. Yesterday my campaigns were working fine but now for each unique action, I receive double values in my Ads manager.

I started comparing my Pixel data with Shopify Analytics and everything seems fine. Not sure why all content views, add to carts, checkouts and purchases are doubled in Ads manager though.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Appreciate the help!

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Check what pixels you have linked to your ad account. It's possible you have 2 pixels setup and linked to the ad account if all those pixel events are doubling. It is very unusual to have that consistency without multiple pixels.

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I hope you're safe and well.

To answer your question, here are a few scenarios to look into:

1) Check whether you've selected that particular campaign whose data you want to look at.

2) Check whether the date that you've selected in the ads manager is right or not. Sometimes, the date selected is for "lifetime" but all we are looking for is the data for 1 month or 7 days or 14 days.

3) Please check whether you've added the right pixel or not. Even if you're checking the pixel, you need to select the date range there as well.

4) Please check if the budget is set the same as it was. You can set the spending limit as well.

These can be the scenarios for the kind of data that you're receiving.

NOTE: These are the cases when we're looking at the data with improper selection of the dashboard features, if that's not the case with you, it might be some internal issue with the dashboard unfortunately.
If you're having an option to switch to the latest dashboard version please try switching to it, That might help.

Thank you

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