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DSP/Marketing solution for PPE products

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Hello marketers!  We had good success marketing our products on FB then FB tightened their policy and made it harder for us to advertise there recently.

We are currently testing out a DSP startup / programmatic display but their system is very buggy.   Any good/reliable DSP for small PPE businesses? Any other marketing channels that can show result quickly?   We are happy to spend 5 - 6 figures/month if we can get a reasonable ROI.






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I don't know if you've tried illumin by Acuity, and I'm also not sure when their self-serve DSP is available for smaller individual brands, but the user interface is supposed to be really easy and I'm looking forward to trying it when it comes out!

I think it would be good for Shopify to partner with them too since Acuity and Shopify's target audience will overlap a lot once illumin is available for SMBs.