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I need help with the translation and feed apps, and maybe you could help.
I'll try to explain below in details:
  • We are based in Georgia (Republic of), and Georgian language is not supported by Google, thus we are having problems with advertising on Google Shopping ads.
  • We have been instructed by Google that if we will have dual language feed and landing pages, it will be OK for them.
  • But we do not want to sacrifice our regular pages that are quite well ranked on SEO.
  • Thus, we want to have:
    • Dual language product pages (Like Georgian title + English title; Georgian description + English description). Menus and buttons can be in one language.
    • URL of these dual language pages should be parameter based, like site.com/products/iphone?language=dual.
    • The dual language description of the products should be stored somewhere (In best case scenario, on Shopify), so that it can be accessible to upload for Google feeds.
Any solutions?
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You need to use something like Weglot or Translation Lab, or any other translation app.

Then submit two unique feeds to Google Merchant Center.

There is no concept of 1 feed two language. You will always need to submit two different feeds 1 for each language.

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