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Duplication problems with my domains and subdomains, do I need a redirect?

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Hello there, hope someone can help me with this issue.

My store has a primary domain set on shopify as

When I connected this domain, a www versione was created, and I can see it under “Third parties domains” in the Shopify domain Panel.

Then, in order to translate my site (that is in English as primary language) in Italian, I decided to use Langify.

To do that, I had to create to further subdomains, that are:  —> Italian version —> English version

Now, in Langify I can see that I have the English  language as default language, used for the domains

The problem is, while I was checking for SEO problems, I realized that I have duplicated content for all the English domains, which i think is penalizing my site:

I did not set any preferred domain in Google search console, and I should also use a 301 redirect to the preferred domain, but I am not sure what to do since I also have to consider the Langify options.

What should be the best domain to use as the preferred one? And when I set in on Google Search Console, how do I implement the redirects?

I am pretty insecure about that, someone can help?

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