Dynamic Facebook Ads - do they only show ad when someone lands on a product in your product set?

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Hi Guys,

Got a question regarding dynamic facebook ads. 

So I've just created a product set (It consists of products that make up a particular collection). And I'm planning on re-targeting people who added an item from that collection to the cart but never made the purchase. 

I'm just wondering who will see the ad though - will it A.) be the people who added a product to the cart from the product set mentioned above or will it be B.) everyone who added any product to the cart but didn't purchase - regarding what product it was. 

Appreciate any responses, 



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Typically if you follow the standard Product Catalog Campaign setup in Facebook, products will be shown based on the View Content ID. You can change this to Add To Cart in that campaign as well.

If using something like Flexify, your Content ID's should already be perfect. As long as the View Content pixel fire happens on that particular product is in your catalog, it will show dynamically to a visitor.


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If will be A if you only target an audience who saw those products. If you target anyone who has been to your site then you can see B happen. Your audience targeting is going to determine who see what ads and when.

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It's about matching the content_id field to the feed. Shopify triggers a content_id event on its Pixel setup within product pages. This is the product ID. Facebook says this needs to match the <g:id> field in your feed, but with variants in Shopify, that can be difficult. I haven't been able to find any Facebook documentation on this, but it seems to be able to match it just fine with the <g:item_group_id> field in your feed if they are equal. As mentioned, this is what Flexify does. I do this in DataFeedWatch as well.

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Hey Tom!

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with Business Manager's settings, you can always use an app to run Dynamic Product Ads.

The one I mean, AdMonks, has a user-friendly settings section where you can choose whether to target Viewers or Abandoners. It also lets you control the ad frequency and pixel delay. Look how easy:


Screenshot of Admonks - 2019-02-26T133902.440.jpg


No need to get into the depths of BM 😉 And btw, you can also launch a Dynamic Product Ad with your customers' photo reviews or your FB feed photos.

If you'd like to make your life more simple, we also have a 14-days free trial 😄 


Good luck with your ads!

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Hello everyone.

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Good question, let me expand your understanding of this situation.

In fact, the above example is remarketin (retargeting). It is tuned to any event. For example, in our case, only two events are given:

1) The user visited the product card;
2) The user put the goods in the basket.

And you can turn these two events into related strategies. Which will complement each other.

- For example, you understand that those who visit the basket are warmer than buyers who visit the product card. So you can start returning people only those who put the goods in the basket.

“But the next question is, where to get those users whom to return to the interrupted purchase?” We take advantage of the event visiting the product card and those who put in the basket. And start looking for new people similar to them.

- But we forgot about those users who are loyal to our brand and have already bought something from us). What do we do with them? We offer them other products of our store. Since this is the "3rd event": purchase.

Of course, we must have Pixel set up in all these cases.

And all this can be done if you use Shopify Product-Feed - Facebook Google for synchronization.

Even with such strategies, you should remember that this is not all; you can still use thematic strategies for launching advertising campaigns to unload new feeds for attracting new customers. Something the same will be convenient for you if you use Shopify Product-Feed.

Here you will find information that will help you:

I hope I helped to understand more deeply in this question).


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