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Dynamic Remarketing with Tag Manger / GA4

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So I have stuck with the old method of google tags as I could not get the dynamic remarkting attributes to work with Tag Manager.


Looking into this again, all the tutorials / products only submit the product id as the shopify parent ID, not taking into account the variable?


Shopify submits the ID to Google Merchant center in the format "shopify_US_"ID"_"VariantID" - so surely that should be the id you send to GA4 / Tag Manager?

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Hi @Mark_Huggett 

Not sure if this helps? Adding Dynamic Marketing tags

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thanks, thats the way I have done it but I would like to move onto tag manager and GA4

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It's interesting to see you use the words dynamic remarketing and then GTM / GA4.


Dynamic remarketing is only used in Google Ads, with using a Dynamic Display campaign. The code should be sent to Google Ads, which can be done in GTM, yes.


However an easier setup would be:

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