Dynamic Source meta fields - does it affect SEO?

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I've found a faster way of adding the description of individual products into collapsible tabs in my theme (Turbo) by entering it into a meta field and using the dynamic source option to show the description within the collapsible tab for each product.


My understanding from looking at other previous questions is that it does not affect your SEO if you include the description (as text) within a collapsible tab as this is HTML. However, as my source is a dynamic source rather than text in the Collapsible tabs, does this affect my SEO? Is it correct to assume that dynamic sources are Java Script so this would not show on search engines. 


If so, would there be any recommendations how I can go about this to achieve what I'm after which is the description of the product in an accordion/collapsible tab

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Metadata is important for showing on search engines and following the indexing date. If you share with me your website I will audit it.

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Yes, what you understand is correct. If you try to fold HTML, it will not affect your SEO, because Google will grab the contents and parse them correctly.
If it is the JavaScript fold, then it would affect SEO. Google will not crawl and analyse JavaScript script content.
It is recommended that you use the HTML folding method, which is not only convenient for users to use, but also conducive to SEO capturing.
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