E-commerce strategy help

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If you are in need of increased e-commerce traffic, Somerville Academy's students are ready to assist! Our community partner program gives you a full e-commerce strategy in exchange for a LinkedIn recommendation. You will also receive visibility through our website and social media posts.


Each strategy takes 3 weeks to complete for the student, but only a total of a mere 3 hours of your time. Once completed we simply ask for you to fill out a LinkedIn recommendation for the student you were matched with. The reason we do not ask for the standard $5,000-$10,000 these strategies tend to go for is because we believe the real life experience for our students out values the monetary aspect.
If you're interested in helping our students get invaluable experience in return for a full e-commerce strategy please let me know. We would love to partner with you!
Looking for help with your digital marketing e-commerce strategy? I have students eager to assist you in exchange for a LinkedIn recommendation. Contact me and I will start the process to match you with a student team.
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1.Increase E-commerce Search Usability
2.Use High-Quality Photographs and Good Product Descriptions
3.Try Personalizing the Home Page
4.Focus on Consistent and Unique Content
5.Optimize Shopping Cart Functionality
6.Build E-mail Lists
7.Improve Your Social Media Strategy

for more information you can visit https://www.ketsaal.com/