E-mail notification - Send promo code to admins

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Hi, I tried looking through the forum already and found nothing resembling my question. 

I do not want to send the customer a promo code. Instead, I am trying to get the promo code that they used to be sent back to our admins, so that they can get rid of it from our in-house database. 


Step by step:


1. A customer gets a discount code from a third party app (Miles). 

2. The customer uses that discount code on Shopify (they will also maintain a database of their own). 

3. They get a discount if it's valid and pay. 

4. We get an e-mail notification telling us what they ordered and what promo code they used. 

5. We retrieve that promo code and see if it was used or not already. 

    If it was, we simply cancel the order. 


Again, the main question is if anyone knows how to reference that promo code that is being used to be attached in our e-mail. 

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Hi did you figure out step number 4?

we just want to initiate a simple email notification to our admin from a button click.