Ebbs and flows of ROAS during the pandemic

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Hi everyone!


We have a store selling bags and accessories. We were pleasantly surprised with higher year-over-year return on ad spend the past few months during the pandemic. We primarily run Facebook ads to drive traffic to our Shopify site. We were seeing fairly consistent ROAS the past few months but then everything kind of fell off all at once a couple weeks ago. We were hoping to get some feedback from other Shopify store owners on how you've been doing lately and any creative ideas to drive new orders if Facebook ads have suddenly become unreliable this June.



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Hello zsi2020
I hope you're safe in this pandemic.

To answer your question, I think it's best if you could try the following points:

1) Try experimenting with your target audience. Maybe a lookalike audience might work as it will find new people similar to those who've already purchased your product.

2) You can provide some valuable gifts along with the products for free. Gifts that are more related to your brand and define your brand will prove to be a better branding strategy and might help people to see your products in a new way.

3) Since we are facing the pandemic, you can try giving attractive discounts to your viewers. Attractive discounts are necessary as we are dealing with the economic meltdown and people need to see something very unique.

4) During this pandemic, it is pretty obvious that you will continuously face an unbalanced ROAS as your target locations must either be facing the virus positively or negatively.

5) Therefore, you can try changing the Target location by first researching the locations as many are stated as contaminated zones, and people in those areas might not be much interested in buying anything fancy. They are only looking for things that will be helpful to them.

6) Try narrowing down the target locations as much as possible but this requires a lot of in-depth research.

7) At last, you can change the creatives for your ads. Video ads are the most engaging if made properly.

Until and unless we don't know the whole account scenario, we cannot troubleshoot the whole situation

I hope I've covered almost the points that hold the possibility of low and high ROAS.


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Hi @zsi2020

If you're driving a lot of traffic via ads, sometimes its helpful to understand how that traffic is converting at a collection level (i.e. if i drove 500 visitors to the "what's new" section, how many of them bought a product from that collection?).  You can see an example below.  We implemented this analysis from data our app collects, but you should be able to generate similar traffic waterfalls in google analytics.  


Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 1.38.27 PM.png

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