eCommerce question... to build out product page or create a landing page?

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I'm wonder if anyone has experience doing both and whether one warranted better results?

I see eCommerce businesses either:

A) build out their product pages to be vary layered and informative

B) keep their product page simple, but then create 'landing pages' essentially, that are the more layered informative piece, that links to the product page.

Reason for asking, I just took on a new client, and none of their product pages rank well (at all) but most of their landing pages rank okay. I typically optimize my client's actual product pages, but this seems to be a functioning strategy as well. I want to convert my website into a ecommnece store. here is the link thanks in advance.

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Hi Emmma

Do you want your product pages to rank well in Google ? You need long-tail keywords in your product description pages.  Long-tail keywords are three-to-five word (and sometimes longer) phrases that are highly specific to your products and the user’s intent in searching. Here, you can find more details about SEO optimization in your product pages.

You can also boost your sales by running your Google Ads campaigns. How? If you need any help, this Google Ads and Shopping app for Shopify will help automate and optimize your ads. Don't hesitate to ask us any question!