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How to start my e-commerce business on Instagram how to get organic traffic on it?

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To get organic traffic, you need people to know about your store. Accordingly, you need to tell about your store. You can use friends or advertisements. After the subscriber base appears, there will be organic traffic.

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It mostly comes from creating engaging posts and the use of advertisements in order to increase exposure. Hashtags also help your posts show up on more users' feeds.

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Try to be interesting and useful to your audience, also there's the possibility to get the paid ads. Or, as an option, maybe, some ppl with bigger audience could advertise your page

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It is not easy to get organic traffic. At the beginning, you can drive traffic by posting some posts, or you can learn to do some SEO.

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Use hashtags related to your products as a search-optimization technique. However, although each post can involve up to 30 hashtags, it’s not certainly “the more the better.” Engagement decreases for posts with 6 or more hashtags so using 5 or fewer is the way to go.
There are 3 types of hashtags: branded tags (specific to your product, name, or slogan), geotags (include a city or locale), and niche tags (super focused with fewer searches). You can attach bulky tags, such as geotags and niche tags, in the first comment of your post. Use good, appropriate hashtags for your content to deliver eyeballs to your account. Keep a list of hashtags that operate for you so that you can copy and paste to save time and look out for new hashtags that will increase your audience.

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Can you recommend a good university in Germany to study e-commerce

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Create a business profile so you have access to statistics: you can see how effectively your publications work, how much outreach stories has, etc. This niche is good for selling children's goods, clothes, but if you sell, e.g. pet products, food or car-bike parts, it`s better to choose another platform. More flexible are marketplaces, I chose this option after I had low sales statistics for hobby products on instagram. For example you can read about setting up stores on, or other similar resources and figure out if you need those or other tools. Instagram is a great platform, but only for limited categories and social groups.

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don't know how many followers do you have on Instagram. You can always try to maximize the funnel and turn followers into high-quality leads through social selling. 


It is important not to confuse selling on social media with social media marketing and advertising. Social selling means direct and personal interaction with customers via their social media activity to create a sense of credibility and establish a relationship. Social media marketing, on the other hand, means conducting promotional activities using the company’s social media accounts and building brand awareness that way.


There are tools that help businesses do it such as Chat Breezes - Market, sell & support better for social channels in an omnichannel platform. It unifies social conversations, better enable your marketing, sales or customer service conversations with your customers faster, sell via personalized messaging, and delivers excellent customer service

Chat Breezes - Market, sell & support better for social channels in an omnichannel platform