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Editing blog content after is has posted.

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Hello everyone!  I am trying to figure out if there is a way to edit the actual blog conent (not URL, SEO, etc.) after it has been posted and is live.  Has nayone has experience in this and has found a way to edit the content?



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Every article, page, product, etc can be edited after it has been saved. Find the article in the Admin, change the content, and save.

Was there something you are getting stuck on that you're not sure how to do?

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Yup.  Nevermind.  Totally dumb question.  On another note, is it possible to show a percentage discount next to product prices?  I noticed several blogs about it including code to enter, but those posts are outdated and was hoping to learn any new appraoaches to doing this, rather than showing a dollar amount.  Thanks for the response Jason.