EFFECTIVE AND CHEAP!! Web Design, SEO, Facebook Ads and more!!

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Hi All,

Today is a big day for all you ecommerce store owners. We all know the goal is to make money, but alot of us have trouble converting. Full Logic Solutions has got you covered! We offer:

Web Design

Facebook Ads

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Design

Pay Per Click Ads

ALL AT THE BEST INDUSTRY PRICES! We make sure to help increase your brand awareness as our dedicated team has much experience!

Visit the site or email us direct at fulllogicsolutions@gmail.com!!

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Your current website is not yet responsive. That says a lot.

Digital Marketer / Co-Foudder at Madotta
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"Full Logic Solutions"

LLC info: https://www5.sos.state.oh.us/ords/f?p=100:7:0::NO:7:P7_CHARTER_NUM:3987738

emails: dave@fulllogicsolutions.com

Contacted me via cellphone # 216-372-0792 and email at an IP Address of

In my opinion, David Davis of "Full Logic Solutions" is scammer and may be committing fraud.

    I contacted him to help me start up a dropshipping business and he seemed very professional and legit. However, as we continued to talk he insisted on a wire transfer to his personal bank account, rather to one of the business itself. Not only that but he didn't have a LinkedIn profile when I asked for one and said he was "currently making one." Then he had one the next day. Continuing forward; after finding his LLC documentation, I noticed it was formed 2 weeks ago. Sketchy at best... He "and his team" also offer daily social media marketing a whole assortment of related web marketing services, however their social media pages are only a few months of age with NO SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY. If they don't actively maintain the company's social media, how are they going to actively maintain yours???  When asking to video chat he refuses and tries to divert my attention somewhere else. After making it clear that I would not proceed without video communication to verify who I am dealing with he simply replies "If you cannot make a decision based off of this info, then we are not the right company." 

If you google his email's you will see all his postings alongside several people calling him out for being a scammer (One incident with SnowyKicks and another with some selling some Jordan shoes) 

He operates under a very common name that is almost impossible to verify and is also very easy for someone to pretend to be "David Davis." This is a very common name that other professionals in the field actually have and he can just link his fake name to it....

I cannot be sure, but his refusal to videochat me when I was ready to pay him on top of everything else is just too much... Buyer Beware this "dave@fulllogicsolutions.com"

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