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I launched my store just over a month ago, after running a pre-launch campaign to build up a mailing list. Since launching, I have also been slowly building a post-launch mailing list.

So, now I have three segments that I'd like to make the most of.

Existing customers (~150 people, all purchased within last 5 weeks)

Pre-launch subscribers that haven't purchased (nearly 1500 people, last engaged over black friday weekend with notification of sale.)

Post Launch subscribers (tens of people, only sent a welcome email with 10% voucher)

For my existing customers, I was thinking of sending a thank you email, with a summary of how the company is growing, and a meet the team/get to know us section. But I'm not sure how to follow up with them in the future, or how often.

For pre-launch non buyers, I was thinking of a similar email, describing how we've had lots of customers, meet the team, and point them to the 5 star reviews we now have on facebook. But what should my follow up campaign be?

For post-launch subscribers, I'm not really sure what campaign to go with, possibly start with an about us, and see what others think (point them to the reviews) email a few days after they subscribe if they haven't purchased. But I'm not sure what campaign would follow that?


So, what I want to do is.

1 - keep my previous customers engaged and buying.

2 - Convert more of my prelaunch subscribers

3 - Automate a campaign to nuture and convert post launch subscribers


Can you give an example of a campaign that you have run that may be similar to the campaigns that I might consider, and let me know how they worked out for you and what you learnt from them?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Hi Steve,

Have you considered some other type of targeting? In general, emailing does not show very good numbers compared to retargeting. Email is one medium only, people tend to forget how many emails they get throughout the day, not to say about the content.

You could try ROI Hunter Easy retargeting as it makes ads that reminds your customers what they browsed on your web. The products are changed dynamically.  As these ads are shown anywhere on the web or Facebook feed, the customer can click on the ad and finish the purchase right away. Very simple concept with almost immediate results. It is free to implement. 

Best of luck!

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Hi Lucia,

I am looking at various retargetting methods, but I am aware that there is value in my email list, and my initial basic email campaigns have proven to have a good conversion rate, so I want to get as much value out of my email list, for which I will not have to pay to market to.

I am additionally running Facebook targetted ads, but that's a different thread.

In this context I am really looking for advice on email campaigns, and to hear about other peoples experience with similar campaigns.

Thanks, Steve

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Email marketing absolutely can and does make a huge difference if done correctly. On average we make our clients 15-30% that they'd have lost if we weren't marketing effectively to their customers and possible customers so forget email marketing at your peril.

Christmas is almost here so the opportunities are there in front of you at the moment. If you've already segmented your list(s) then you could target those that have already bought with a nice discount, follow those up with those that buy with a thank  you email and offer another discount for January for being an action taker and grabbing the deal.

For those that haven't bought send them a "first time buyers discount" store wide. 

Get to know then too, send mails offering discounts for reviews and photos, ask questions, send them VALUABLE content emails and really mean it. 

I'm currently walking the dogs at the moment so it's awkward to type and walk without walking into a lamp post or falling down a man hole haha but if you need any more help hit me up ?

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Hi Lamaarron,


Thanks for the response. I only launched the store on October 31st, prior to this I was building my list.

Over the first couple of weeks of November, I was pushing everyone to use their signup bonus, before it expired. Shortly after that, I was pushing the BFCM sale. I know it's the time of year for it, but I'm hesitant to just keep pushing sales and discounts on everyone, as I have had a lot of full price sales and therefore don't want people to expect that there will always be another discount around the corner.

For keeping my existing buyers engaged, I was thinkng of sending a Thanks and Intoduction email. Basically thanking the reader for having purchased from us since our recent launch, introducing myself and my wife, possibly with a photo and some text similar to what's on our about us page.

Additionally, I wanted to then ask people for any feedback of how we culd improve anything in their experience, and request they leave a facebook review for us if they haven't already done so.

My goal from this is primarily to remind my customers who purchased over the last 6 weeks that we are still here, and to strengthen the connection to our brand and ideally get some more 5* feedback to leverage in the future.

I'm less focussed on trying to push more sales from this segment at the moment. I'd be interested to get your opinion on that strategy.



For the non-buyers in my prelaunch list, I would like to squeze some more sales out of these people. I'm pretty sure that I've got 1500 interested people, and I'd love to convert another 100 of them, without annoying them.

Maybe I should hit everyone with an email with latest dates to order in time for Christmas? Perhaps this can add some urgency to anyone who is on the fence?

Thanks again,


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In general, emailing does not show very good numbers compared to retargeting. 

Your above statement is wrong.

Email is GREAT,  when you do it correctly, and this biz owner is thinking the right way about it.

Actionable, affordable, marketing strategies that work. Stacey Herbert
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Your Existing Customers - It sounds like you've got the right idea with some automation/drip campaigning. Every business is a little different on frequency. I generally get the most from these folks when I offer a mega email (content rich, no sales) once a month. It always starts with value. So talk about something they care about that is related to your company/mission. Building a brand happens in the background, so save the emails about growth and family for social media and other mediums where it resinates more. Use the best convert medium for more proactive sales inititives. At the end of this content rich email, I add a snippet reminding them what we do and how to get it. No sales pitch, just a easy reminder sentence or graphic. Once a month content driven emails work well with some promotional emails around the edges when they're called for. Bottom-line, send value to these folks only or they'll ignore (or worse unsubscribe) your messages over time and you'll end up having a dead list to revive. Lastly, for customers, how can you get them spreading the word? Offer some referral discounts and more to help extend their value.

Pre-Launch Non-Customers - I would do somewhat the same thing here, except one thing is extremely important here. FOCUS. Don't sell your company to these people, offer individual items behind quality content. Promoting review here is always good. Take a screenshot of your reviews and use them as images in your email as social proof,etc. For instance, maybe one email is all about keychains. Have fun by sending them a related viral video (link) or blog content, then at the end have a speical offer for keychains. I tell clients to use top sellers, items with large margins, and/or dead inventory items to push in these cases. Again, every market is different, but it should always be about value. What did the reader get from your email? Make sure they leave knowing, learning or experiencing something. Send them an email 3 times a month, maybe more depending on your testing.

Post-Launch Subscribers - Hate to say it again, but I might send them the same thing as pre-launch in a different order in your automation. They're really the same thing. Why is before and after  launch so important? I would rather segment them into interests, geographic locations, and more. For instance, if they live in the northeasy and a storm just hit them, the next email would be all about hoodies and how they keep northeasterns warm. Send them an email twice a month, maybe more depending on your testing.


Yes, email by almost every measure is still the most meaningful medium to reach customers and engage potential ones. I've taken several accounts to 2x-4x conversions by simply changing segmenting and messaging. I generated over $8k in Nov 2017 from emails to 3600 subscribers for one of my wholesale clients (over $22k for the month in website sales). 6min Video: 

Everyone has different results and strategies, so these are just some that have worked for me.

For those just getting started with email marketing the choice is easy, Mailchimp. Aside from it being free up to 2500 contacts, it now has some well built improvements for social advertising and retargeting. I run my abandoned cart emailing, newsletter signup and more for through MC, it's wonderful. The fact that it has such a seamless integration with Shopify makes it the clear winner for eComm stores.

While I run, I'm also a Fractional CMO for Creative Chemist. If you're wondering why your site isn't make money or would like it to make more, you have to check out this one-of-a-kind report I created via the request of folks just like you. See my project and results feed:

This product is doing wonder for many:


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Hi Stacey,

Thanks for confirming that I'm taking the right approach. Do you have any pointers or advice?



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Awesome discussion. Here's what came up for me:

Every couple of years, someone proclaims that email is dead. As an email marketer, this is panic-inducing, and as a business owner, it can be downright apocalyptic.

But remember: Email is still the best marketing channel for most businesses by a long shot.

When a customer signs up for an email list, they’re inviting you into their lives because they think you have something worthy to give them.

Sure, they may just be shopping a deal, but it’s an opportunity to show them what you’ve got. Merchandise your email to showcase your best unknown stuff, but don’t forget about your staples either. If you have a sale, tell them about it. And please, please know that your subscribers are over clickbait. Trust me. Try an emoji instead.

Kevin Simonson is the CEO of Metric Digital, a performance marketing agency in New York City that focuses on driving revenue and customers through for ecommerce business via online advertising, email and other digital marketing channels.