Email Footer Signup Form Not Adding Subscribers to Shopify Customers

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I have a bit of a convoluted marketing situation, but I'm sure there are many others in the same boat. I use MailChimp for email marketing and ShopSync to sync MailChimp with Shopify. I recently updated my website with a new theme (Envy), and now none of my email sign-up forms are working. By which I mean, when a customer types in their email - either in the footer sign-up form or the pop-up - those email addresses are not even being added to my Shopify Customers. And if they're not being added there, they're not syncing to MailChimp.

I've read so many help discussions and guides on integrating MailChimp and Shopify through ShopSync, and followed all instructions, but it seems to me the broken link is the actual sign-up forms themselves. I get a success message, but the emails are not actually added to Shopify or MailChimp. And this issue was not happening prior to changing themes.

Is it a theme issue? A form issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Having the same issue. Have you found a solution? If not I hope my comment bumps your concern.