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finally we have reached around 100,000 newsletter subscribers in our online store.

Right now we are using the Klavio App to send our newsletter to our customers. Now Klavio charges us $1,350.-/month for this service. Isn´t there another possibility to do that for less money ? Do you know any other app ?

Many thanks,


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Hi David, 

I use MailChimp because of its pricing structure. If you have 100,000 subscribers it's about $500. I found their service easier to use. We were outsourcing to another company. Now that we use Shopify it's much easier. 


Hope me this helps. 

- Charlie
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Hi David, 

Check out Convead. You can create email campaigns as well as automated triggered emails and get clear statistics in the context of your business (e.g. not only open/click rate, but also how many purchases were done from this newsletter etc.). 100k emails will cost you about $210-240 and it has a free trial.

Hope that helps!

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yes there is a way conatct me at


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Hi, David.

  1. I guess Klavio does great segmentation work for you. Getresponse is good for segmentation while cheaper $849 for100K+ (the fun thing is that buying it from Russian website version it is $594 for 100K+). 
  2. However, try retain customers with It tracks your sales data and segments customers so that you see your truly loyal and valuable customers, and then the segments are automatically pushed to Facebook Custom Audiences and AdWords Customer Match. It may very well be that it will be much cheaper, while adverts to your existing customers will bring more revenue. So try it out.