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Email Marketing: "There are errors in your campaign that may cause problems with publishing"

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We are using Shopify Email for newsletter campaigns. We have about 7000 subscribers and average a 70% open rate. 


We keep getting this error message "There are errors in your campaign that may cause problems with publishing" upon sending emails, and then only 90% of my emails are actually delivered. However, there is no further information, or error codes, that would allow me to rectify the issue. It just routes me to the general Shopify information page on how to send a high quality email, which I am following.


Any ideas as to what could be causing this issue?



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Hi Julia @WoolShop 


In order to get the fastest help, I suggest you to directly contact Shopify via live chat. An agent will help you immediately. 


You can directly chat with a Shopify agent here.


If you feel like my answer is helpful, please mark it as SOLUTION. Let me know if you need more help!

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I'm getting the same error message. I'm would like to chat via the link provided  but it just goes to a redirect.