Email subscriber / Welcome email automation question

Email subscriber / Welcome email automation question

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I've just switched to using Shopify email and have set up a Welcome Email automation. I know this is working from a test when people subscribe through the form on the website. However, when I manually input new subscribers into my 'Customers' section (and I make sure I check the box about the customer being happy to subscribe to emails) then they don't get sent the welcome automation. HELP PLEASE! Thanks!

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Hello @elliegood,

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If subscribers that you manually add to your "Customers" section are not receiving your welcome email automation, it's possible that there may be a configuration issue in your email settings.

You can check a few things.

1. Make sure that the subscriber has explicitly opted-in to receive marketing emails from you. You mentioned that you checked the box indicating that the customer is happy to subscribe to emails, but it's important to confirm that this permission was given directly by the subscriber.

2. Check that the subscriber's email address was added correctly and is spelled correctly.

3. Verify that the subscriber was added to the correct list or segment that is associated with your welcome email automation.

4. Ensure that your welcome email automation is active and has not been paused or turned off.

5. Check your email sending settings to confirm that your emails are being sent from the correct sender address and that there are no configuration issues.

If you have checked these items and are still having trouble, it may be helpful to contact Shopify's support team for further assistance. They can help you troubleshoot any issues with your email settings and make sure that your welcome email automation is functioning correctly.


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Hi @elliegood,


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In this case, there could be an issue with your subscribers’ email providers or the welcome email was marked as spam in your subscribers’ Inbox.  I’d suggest you try testing out with some subscribers from different email providers. If the issue is happening to all email providers, you could try to contact Shopify Support Team to get the best solutions. 


I hope my answer will be helpful to you and hope the issue will be figured out soon. 





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Elliegood, did you ever find out the issue and resolve it? Neither one of this response were beneficial to me.