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Emailing Discounts Codes for Specific Products

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I'm looking for a solution where I can email auto-generated discount codes for a specific product. The product is a refill bottle. We're hoping to give people a discount in exchange for returning their previous refill purchase. The scenario would look like this:

Customer buys Refillable bottle.
A month later I'd like to the email customer with an auto-generated discount code.
Email offers a percentage off on their next refill purchase, in exchange for the bottle. 

I currently use Bulk Discount generator to create discount codes and Mailchimp for email but can't find a solution that merges both apps together.

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Oh, I'm sorry I didn't notice your post earlier. Thankfully, you've posted today again in the Shopify Apps category. I'll leave my response also here for people who may be looking for a similar solution.

My app Personal Discount can handle this scenario. It auto-generates unique discount codes (for example, after purchase) and integrates with Mailchimp. You can also limit the discount to a selected product.


To send out the discounts you need to create the "Follow up on purchases" automation in Mailchimp, and add the merge tag *|DSCNT_CODE|* to your email template.

I'm happy to help if you need any assistance.


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