Embedding HTML5 in a blank Shopify page

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Hello Shopify geniuses!

I'm working on a plan to offer elearning courses through my Shopify store that will be available in a passcode protected area (plan to use Locksmith app). Once the customer has provided their passcode and accesses the landing page, I would like the page to be free of any headers or footers that we use throughout the rest of the website, ie. the page should contain only the HTML content that we're designing through software called iSpring, and available to post on our site as HTML5. 

How can I post my HTML5 on my Shopify site without the theme elements?

Is this idea even possible? 

I am aware of other course publishing apps/software like Thinkific, but most of the viewers of this content will be elementary students and I don't need them to create an account. Ease of access is everything for getting kids to engage with content. I think the gatekeeping ability of Locksmith will enable easy access for kids. The only missing piece is how to host or embed the HTML5 content on my existing site. 

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Setup your own simplified version of the theme.liquid file. You'll need to learn about alternate layouts.

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