Emotional Branding when Private Labeling?

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I love the idea of creating an emotional, story-focused brand for my Shopify store.


But for me private labeling just happens to be the best route considering my interests, skills, and resources.

When I see amazing examples of emotive ecommerce brands they all seem to share some sort of founder / inventor-focused story.


So what might be some creative ways to inject emotion into my Shopify store brand when I'm private labeling?


Thank you guys!

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Hey @vmg !

Beck from blanka here. This is a great question to ask, I love that you want to implement an emotional bond with your audience! Finding your brand voice will be the very first step. You can read a more comprehensive guide about that here

Some creative ways to be authentic with your Shopify store brand is:

  • Share your story on Instagram Reels or Story.
  • Start a campaign that donates a percentage of proceeds to the cause of your choice.
  • Work with a videographer to create short youtube videos around your values as a company. For example, if you value sustainability, create a video interviewing folks around the city about what sustainability means to them. With those Youtube videos, they can be multi-purposed on all social media platforms.

If you have a more specific example of what your brand voice looks and sounds like, I can definitely put some more of my inputs in!

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I think it's a poor question, but I see where you're going. Injecting emotion is pointless without knowing your target market, the problems they're experiencing, and what they will achieve with what they buy.

I believe you're asking about brand voice. A good brand voice tells a story that connects deeply with people to solve a core problem.

People have been telling stories to convey ideas for millennia. There's a predictable format in books and movies that hooks people in and keeps them thrilled until the end. I read Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller, and it provides this simple framework:

  1. Meet the character
  2. Who has a problem
  3. And meets a guide
  4. Who gives them a plan
  5. And calls them to action
  6. That helps them avoid failure
  7. That ends in a success
  8. For character transformation

I suggest you get the book and work through the exercises for your brand. You'll come out with eight sections done for your brand that you can immediately apply to your store and all marketing content.

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