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Hi everyone,

I have a store that sells watches and fashion accessoiries for men and women. 

I've launched some Facebook ads previously that only gave me 2 sales.

Now I'm testing a new strategy which consist of posting something on my page then advertising it in order to get engagement (likes) before launching the conversion ad. 

This ad resulted were 4 likes which 2 of them came from friends, 1 comment, 1 share and 45 clicks on the link... 

I don't know if the targeting was too broad since I allowed Facebook to broaden it, or if the ad wasn't engaging enough... I may have some ideas for this lack of engagement but I hesitating in modifying the post and relaunch another engagement campaign with less than half a million people and with a copy that only emphasizes the likes that I want.

Another solution would be to run for the conversion ad directly without caring about the likes for the post and the social proof.... 

Also, I have other products to promote. Instead of choosing each one and running a campaign for each of them, I would like to put them in a carousel then retarget people according to the products they will see. 

Running an ad for each potential product could be very expensive and I'm not used to spend money on an advertising technique I'm not mastering it yet. 

What do you think about all this please?

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Hi Killian, 

Nick here from Shopify! 

It's great to hear you are diving into some ads to gain some traffic and exposure for your store. It can be difficult at the best of times. There is a technique for applying Facebook ads called the 3x3 method, which could be worth looking into:

Your first few FB ad campaigns should be all based around finding the right audience for your products (which you are currently doing), this is going to take a bit of testing, but it is an essential part of any campaign. You start out with 3 ads, 3 different audiences and 3 sets of copy/images with a small budget for each, then monitor the results for each variable. You’ll notice some ads will perform better than others, because of this you can remove the less successful ads and raise the budget for the more successful ones, to reach that key audience you are looking for.

Shopify also has some helpful guides of our own to help you with the actual ad creation. It's called Facebook Advertising 101

Hopefully, this helps and gives you a good idea of what to do next. Please don't hesitate to reach out should you have any other questions about anything. 

All the best, 


Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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Hi Nick,

I'm very pleased by your answer. 

I'm going to study all these resources carefully and be back after.

Just to let you, I've dived into facebook audience insight to portray my avatars and define wich pages could be targeted for my ads. 

I'm willing to invest but also afraid to throw my money into useful marketing actions just because of my ignorance. 

Thank you so much for your help !