Enhanced e-commerce and google tag manager

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I am selling products of a print on demand company. I have a dedicated product page with my own domain on their store. They have installed GTM and FB pixel for me on my product page but they don’t give access to their Shopify store dashboard, meaning I can use GTM only to create tags for my analytics.
When it comes to GTM and enhanced e-commerce, information must be present in the dataLayer in a certain form to be used for analytics (please refer to https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/ua/gtm/enhanced-ecommerce#data-layer ) 

Of course this is not the format information are presented in Liquid. I don’t know Liquid: it is tough for me at the moment reading within the code
Have two questions:

1. Where can I find the full list of enhanced e-commerce parameters/variables for Shopify?

2. How to push them into the dataLayer and with the right format?


Hope it makes sense. 

Unfortunately the the POD company I am selling products for is not very responsive. This is why I am writing here


I am a beginner. Any help is more than appreciated




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