Exit pop ups, do they work?

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I am thinking of using an exit pop up at, specifically Justuno. Trying to make an offer to anyone leaving the site before checking out to get them to purchase. Any input on this would be appreciated.

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Hi JB,

I’m the co-founder of Personizely - https://apps.shopify.com/personizely

If you looking for high engagement exit intent popup, Personizely is the perfect solution. You can see an example of exit intent popup (cart abandonment) -  https://www.personizely.net/blog/content/images/2018/09/Cart-3.gif

Don't hesitate to contact me on email: damian@personizely.net. I will be happy to help you.

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Thanks I'll check it out.

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Hi JBJones,

Well I have nothing to sell to you, but I can give you 2 cents worth of opinions about exit intent re-engagement. The pop-up variety is the most annoying kind. It;s also highly disputed no matter what vendors who sell these conversion wonders tell us.

70% conversion rate increase. I hear ya! 200% less cart abandonment. Hallelujah!

These numbers may very well be true, but then again nobody ever tells you what exactly they measured, how they measured and more importantly what state was a given subject in to make this last resort strategy work so well (and exit intent is a last resort... your visitor is about to leave). Also what conversions? Newsletter signups? Product sales? Which one is it?

So if you are getting such numbers, the question should be "Why on earth are you leaking potential customers left and right?" Exit popups won't answer that and definitely won't improve on that. You'll just end up holding on to the very last straw and annoying a lot of others along the way - because those popups are annoying!

Best wishes!