Experiencing a sales drop after Google's switch to Performance Max ads?

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Since Google changed the ads we run our sales have plummeted. Google now run Performance Max ads instead of Smart ads & its just not working. Shopify don't want to know, so we have been left in limbo. Anyone else?

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You are not alone, I am reading this from a lot of merchants.


First make sure you have correctly installed / setup conversion tracking and remarketing tracking.


PMax can take from a few weeks to 1.5 months to learn.


Make sure you added / updated the ad assets.


For the majority of my clients I use standard shopping, so I have more control. While PMax is great, it does not always work.


However, make sure you give it enough time, even if smart shopping was working great.


The issue is that you are now targeting, shopping, display, youtube, gmail, discovery and text which was not the case with smart shopping.

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I do not have the technical knowledge to do do these things & 1.5 months without income...whats all that about?

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Hello @thebeecharm,

Performance Max Campaigns combine different ad formats. This helps you achieve greater reach with minimum effort. Performance Max would work well for advertisers looking to appear on all of Google’s advertising platforms, with the ability to access all of this from a single campaign.


It may take some time to get it worked. Do all measures to make your campaign optimized. You may take a look at this documentation.

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Hope this was helpful.

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