Experiencing High Bounce Rate in Some Countries

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Hey Guys!


I am running ads for one Shopify store for US, the results are great, but we started advertising for EU in the last 2 weeks and the results are horrible! (We ran ads last year there with good results)


In summary, we are experiencing a high bounce rate on FB Ads + Google Analytics, and we tested the same ad sets for US and worked...


Do you guys have any thoughts about how can we fix it?

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First of all, it'd be great to see your store for any unnoticed issues that the EU audience might be unhappy with.


Second, I'd recommend displaying an exit-intent survey popup to your visitors from EU or to everyone except for US audience, and actually asking them why they are leaving. Possible reasons might be the currency, shipping terms/cost/time, payment options, lack of trust -- really, anything. Enumerate all the options you can think of and leave a field for a comment.


A few more questions. Are your landing pages personalized for visitors from different countries? (language, currency, shipping)
Are people bouncing from the landing page or abandoning their shopping carts?


If you indeed decide to add an exit survey to your store like the one above, you can use Getsitecontrol to do that. You'll find all the instructions here, and you can also ask me any questions you may have.


Giorgia from Getsitecontrol