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I own @litpact / @litpacts  litpact.com / litpacts.com 


Coming up on a year in business. Have grown about 100k followers combined for the brand. 


Looking for insight on any marketing techniques I may not be utilizing. 


The brand is banned from all social medias ad platform. I have grown using influencers. 



Also, I run millions in ad impressions on Twitter, this pulls the most conversions for me thus far. If anyone out there needs an additional ad spend as I do, I recommend reaching out to me about these Twitter impressions. 



And please reach out about any other adspend/exposure methods I should be utilizing. 



Regarding LitPact marketing email: hallows@litpacts.com 

Regarding Twitter Ad spend, which I charge 10-20% of what Twitter charges for the same, email: hallows@socaw.com 



Appreciate yalls response in advance.

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You may want to install PollCart (a Shopify plugin), which helps capture sales from undecided customers and lets your customers spread the word about your store and products.  It is organic viral marketing, which may be well suited to your store.  You can learn about it here (https://apps.shopify.com/pollcart-social-commerce) and here (http://pollcart.com/).

I hope this helps.


Doug Berman | PollCart - Top Customer Engagement Plug-In for Shopify | doug@pollcart.com
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Hey man


your store looks awesome. I have my own store but thinking to going into the weed accesoiries business. Do you know if it a saturated market or there is still room to expand in.

I was dumb for selling camping gear doesn't sell and huge amounts of competitors.

About the products, I dropship so is it possible to source all the products from alibaba/aliexpress? Where do you get your stuff from If I amay ask? Especially your bong collection looks dope, did you source these products from ali?

Thanks man, goodluck!

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Hi, Hunter!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify!

I noticed you have different boxes on your site that people can purchase. An idea that you may want to consider after doing market research is to see if a subscription box would work for your business. I wasn't able to find a large amount of marijuana related subscription boxes. Cratejoy.com is the largest subscription box website I have found. I only found a couple of businesses that have boxes in your niche market on their website. Many boxes have different themes each month. For example, if winter is coming (Game of Thrones pun intended!) then a company that has a beauty subscription box will do a winter theme. The themes can get more imaginative. We have a great blog post called Unboxing Loot Crate: How a Subscription Box Became a Leader in Geek Culture that has some creative ideas.

Best Wishes! 

Jade | Shopify 
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