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Facbook CCPA + Shopify | How do you implement this?

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I have two clients who want their "Facebook Pixel" to be CCPA compliant on their Shopify websites.

I have access to their PIXEL via the Facebook Business Manager, but I'm not seeing anything on this update on how to be compliant.


This is the message we see on our Facebook Pixel Business Dashboard for our Shopify website: 

Reporting may be affected by limited data use
Your number of reported events in Events Manager may be lower than expected starting July 1, 2020, when Limited Data Use became available. This is because we've enabled it by default for all information shared about people in California through specified business tools until July 31. This may include events sent from your pixel or app. 
Any thoughts or docs in the right direction would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you kindly 🙂 
I've got people saying there's a way to be compliant using GTAG - is this something that needs to be added every time to an ad?
Thank you!


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Hello there! As another commenter pointed out, we just released an app to manage this:

Its a confusing issue that Facebook hasn't provided much information on - and its officially required on October 20th. Our tool manages CCPA / FB Limited Data Use (essentially, communicating with FB's servers whether someone is opted-in or opted-out). 

Check it out if it could be helpful for you! 

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Hi Dean! Running into a similar issue here where I see in Facebook's documentation that the pixel needs to be edited. However, our pixel is set up through Shopify and we are unable to make any edits. Is your app the solution that essentially does what fixing the pixel would do? We have a cookie opt out banner on site powered by Osano, not sure if that would stand in the way of this set up?

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Hey there! 

Correct, our  CCPA/FB Limited Data Use App fixes your Facebook Pixel to make it compliant and passes through the necessary signals to Facebook. Just add your FB Pixel ID to our App and click “Enable”, and you’ll fix your pixel! Screenshot below of our app where you can see this. 

You have the option to only load our CCPA / LDU tool for California visitors, so if you have a cookie banner firing in other regions it shouldn't be a problem. Let me know if you have any additional questions I can help with! 

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 4.02.56 PM.png

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Your tool looks interesting. How does it integrate with the Shopify native Sales Channel app for Facebook? 

That's now required to get Conversion API working (Maximum Data Sharing). 

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Thanks for checking us out! Our Shopify App is standalone to the Facebook Sales Channel. Our CCPA/FB Limited Data Use Shopify App works by adding the appropriate privacy signals to the frontend of your website, and are then sent to Facebook directly.

We recommend websites utilize the maximum data sharing feature, more on that here:

The maximum data sharing functionality sends data from Shopify servers to Facebook, which we cannot control. If there is an overlap in the data Facebook collects via Shopify, and the given user has appropriately opted-out, Facebook will attempt to match this data on their end. So while we do not manage aspects of Shopify sending customer data to Facebook, they should be matching (and opting-in/out) data they collect from your website as well as Conversion API data.

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Hi Dean, thanks for the response, but I wonder if this is actually working
properly. The LDU flag needs to be sent to Facebook on every pixel event.

So if your app is only sending LDU once, and then Shopify is triggering
events without sending LDU, I'm afraid the integration would not be

Have you considered this?
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Thanks for the quick reply Zach! Yes - to clarify, our CCPA/FB Limited Data Use App fires the LDU signals on every pixel event. The maximum data sharing feature in the Facebook Sales Channel app includes non-pixel events, such as data you upload to Shopify (customers, orders, etc.). We pass privacy signals on all of your pixel events, such as Pageview, ViewCart, Microdata, etc. So LDU is passed in every instance where it needs to be. Let me know any other questions! Also feel free to message me if you want to set up a call and discuss as well. 

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If you're passing all pixel events (PageView, ViewContent, AddToCart,
InitiateCheckout, and Purchase), is there a risk pixel events could be
double-counted? Shopify's Maximum data sharing includes an event ID, that's
later confirmed via Conversion API, so I think their events will be counted
accurately. But if you're passing duplicates without an event ID (or with a
different one), I think there's a risk they could be double counted. Have
you found a way to prevent that, while still accurately passing LDU?

I also think that Shopify's pixel events, which don't pass LDU would be
non-compliant. So really, the only way for this to work would be to turn
off the Shopify pixel integration, which would also disable Conversion API.

I hope I'm wrong, because shops need a solution, but I don't see how it's
possible. I think Shopify needs a native LDU solution.
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@Zach_at_adMixt Under Online Store > Preferences > Customer privacy, have you enabled "Limit the third-party sale of your California customers' data"? This is not a feature I've had to test yet so don't know if LDU is used. 

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Hello after a long time after the last reply on this thread. We have the app GDPR Compliance Center in which we have made a major update early this month and we cover the issue that was mentioned here with Facebook pixel. Apart from that we have added an integration with Google Consent Mode as well as with Rakuten platform about GDPR and CCPA. I agree with @BirdhouseUSA that a store cannot use both the facebook app (from sales channel section) and activate an integration from another app because the pixel will fire twice making the statics be inaccurate. Our integration is appropriate for stores that are not using Shopify's Facebook App which in fact is not very clear how it deals with GDPR/CCPA (LDU). There is no documentation and not such option inside this app. 

We all know that GDPR/CCPA is not just have a banner but many more and this is what we tried to do with our application. So in this latest version we added many more features and things related to all the background work we do as an app like the Store Scanner for scripts/cookies, Cookie Declaration Widget as well as Data Subject Request widget and of course we are not compatible with Online Store 2.0 and the app can load as App Embed and the widgets as Page Blocks.

Please let me know if it works by giving it a like or marking it as a solution!
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