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Hi All,

Thank you for reading my post.

Yesterday, I had my Facebook account banned. After an appear, the account was permanently banned this morning with no explanation outside of violating their policies. I tried for hours to find ways to get another appeal but nothing was available and I couldn't find any options online.

My store sells dental hygiene products and I can't find anywhere that my ads or store was violating their policies. I had only been advertising on Facebook for a week.

After the ban, I tried to create another Facebook account with a different email address and that account got immediately suspended. I tried to create two more and the same thing happened.

Does anyone know how I can navigate this?

Should I just give up on Facebook?

It seems like there is no way for me to get an active account again.

All I want is another chance to play by the rules (not that I am aware of ever breaking the rules to begin with).

What should I do?


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it happened to one of my clients that their account was banned (no explanation, just as you wrote - one day it was working, the other day not). Facebook also rejects ads for some reasons, which aren't obviously the case for the specific ad account (yes, since they aren't checking the ads manually, it can happen.)

Contacting Facebook support is a great start but they might not even answer you - however, here is a link for requesting a review of a restricted ad account: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/2026068680760273

You can give it a try (in the case of my client it helped in the end). 

And the reasons for banning the account? There are many - but apparently it looks like Facebook thinks that you're advertising some prohibited products even though dental hygiene products should be ok according to their advertising policies (the automatic ad check might have evaluated your products as something else and decided to ban the account). 

It's sad that contacting Facebook support takes always so long and sometimes they don't even answer to you. 

Give it a try and you will see.

Best luck,






Send me a link to your store to niki@hey.com and I'll help you out.
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Hey omg i had the same problem, i had done this 5 times now, all i was doing is posting content for my webpage, i dont want to put my name as the main person due to privacy reasons. But all i want to do is post content so i can balance both the insta and facebook. If you cant do facebook any other help would be great, what kind of post would you guys post if your store wasn't open, e.g. if you are selling neck massagers what kind of social pictures would you post if this wasnt open as of yet.  


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Actually it happens all the time, no matter if your product doesn’t violate fb policy. Fb’s AI or bots are not smart enough to detect what’s good or wrong. Bit there is a solution

have you ever tried a Facebook agency ad account? They're the most solid ones since they're under manual review and licensed by Facebook. Also, usually, the agency has its own FB representative who helps with different issues. I am running Facebook ads with agency accounts only, no hassle with bans, no spending limits. My monthly spend for ads is $200k-300k.  

Let me know if you need more details. My te legram is: cassshy 

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Check my reply on above

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