Facebook Ad Account Disabled and Enabled Twice But Need Guidance

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Hi There,


I've been running ads forever on various Facebook ad accounts and business manager accounts.  I started a new ad account and business manager account for my new dropshipping store.  I'm a US Citizen but currently sitting in India, and using my US credit cards.  No disabled happened for suspicious activity but happened twice for "violating" ad policies. (more on that below)


Took a bunch of video courses, got up to speed on advanced Facebook ads and all the shopify acadmey courses, and after three weeks put the pedal to the medal. 


1. Found products, used debut theme, put a few plugins like upsell and countdown timers and optin monster (for exit intent) on my site. Imported reviews, did everything I learned. 

2. Ran an ad for a day, got a sale.  Hey nice. 

3. Three hours later I get a notice my ad account is disabled.  Freak out, send a nice mail, get it back in 6 hours.  I want to shout but I just say "hey maybe we assumed the person was a mother by saying "moms will love this outfit."  Get generic mail but it's back so cool. 

4. Clean up ad copy, remove any references to "You" (e.g. "you'll look smart with this new phone case"), add all policy pages, etc.. To be safe I also removed all upsell apps and exit popups because I didn't want to look spammy and just treading carefully.  I see FB saying they don't like exit intent popups, but I see these on so many dropshipping stores?  HuH?


5. Now back in business, Make a post, promote the post, get a sale (different product).  A day later I duplicate this ad into a new ad set to test different audiences.  Three minutes later, boom, banned again.  Huh? On duplicating an existing approved ad into a new ad set? Whaaat? I find in the landing page I said "these cases feel nice to the touch."  That's about it.  A cell phone case. 


6. Get back to FB, explain nicely, luckily, again...it's approved again. Phew.  To be safe I'm removing any references to "YOU" or "other" or just anything from the PC police.  


7. Now I'm panicking because I know I have to make like 10 ad sets, try out stuff, play with copy, wording, figure out abandoned checkouts and timers and FOMO and all of that, but I'm scared they're going to can my account again.  I even put a disclaimer at the bottom saying not affiliated with FB, etc...just to be safe although I feel it kills carts. 


I guess my question is...what is going on here? We sell clothes.  Nothing shady or copyrighted, no games, no gimmicks. 

Should we not mention genders? Should we not say "This is great for your baby?" because somebody will get offended if they don't have a baby in our targeting? I'm seeing so many dropshipping stores that have a million "you'll look fab, your baby, your boyfriend, your girlfriend" and all the upsell apps, so why did I get banned twice? 


What about all the good upsell apps that is supposed to help? My ads are getting comments, the CTR is around 2% and videos are made naturally by me. 


Or is it simply that I made too many (5 ads?!?) too fast in one day on a new account? Can I try making ads on my 5 year old account (5K spend) just to keep testing?  Does this FB disclaimer in the footer really need to be there? Is doubling my ad budget in a day actually risky from $5 to $10? Why don't they give me some warning first in the ads. 


Any input would be appreciated. I see from lucky orange before my account was canned (both times) a FB crawler from Ireland or Irvine CA came to check out the page for the ads I was making.  But I have no clue why it would instantly disable the whole account automatically.  I'm honestly just shooting in the dark and it's so frustrating. 

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The same thing is happening with me, I  just duplicate my existing campaign in CBO campaign and they just disabled my account, this thing is happing since I have started advertising on Facebook, after any edit I made my Ad or campaign or Ad set, they just disable my account, and after I submit any review request my account gets back with same email " Sorry for inconvenience this may have caused". If you have found any possible reasons or any solution for this, then please tell me. It will be a great help to me.


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So how did you guys solve your problem? I'm having this issue right now. Every time I duplicate my ad sets into a CBO, or even make a campaign, Facebook disables my account. After requesting for a review, they'll reactivate it. Now I don't know if I could duplicate or create a campaign again. What did you guys do?