Facebook Ad Account Disabled, Review Rejected, No Information Given Whatsoever, Feeling Very Hopeles

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Hi all, 

I have had my Facebook Ad Account disabled suddenly and without warning or explanation.  I made a request for a review/appeal but it was rejected, again with no explanation.  As far as I am aware I have violated none of Facebook's policies, and I am now, as far as I'm aware, entirely unable to directly contact an actual human from Facebook in order to get this resolved.  


Do I have absolutely any recourse for action or am I just completely screwed now, despite having no idea what happened and why?  


Attached screenshot of what it looks like in Account Quality.


Thanks for your help.


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So I'm just fucked then and I'm never going to be able to use Facebook Ads? 

What else can I do to get people to my site in the short-term?  Should I just give up the month and a half of work I've spent so far getting things running if I can't use Facebook Ads? 

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Hi. I have been using this service that allows me to run my ads  even if Facebook disabled my ad account, they offer a workaround and keeps me in the roll.

You can visit their site and inquire about their offerings. That's Arcane account solutions. Hope that'll work for you.