Facebook Ad changes destination link from ad carousel by itself

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Hello everyone, 

I am writing about a rather rare issue. It is hard to explain, that is why I have created a video which is uploaded to WeTransfer in a MP4 format. Nere is the link to the video. https://we.tl/XsHmDOdeOo . In short: When I try to create a carousel ad in Facebook and I paste different Destination URLs, it automatically (after the link is opened once) changes them and makes all the URL the same, leading to an issue - a photo of one image leads to a different product from the website. I have tried creating the ad in Incognito mode with cleared cache, but it did not help. 

Facebook support team told me they have not experienced such problem before and now they are investigating. 

If someone has an idea what the issue might be, it would be much appreciated. 

Thank you all in advance. 

Best Regards, 

Maya Zafirova, co-owner of the online store

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