Facebook Ad for Winning Product Stopped Converting Suddenly

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Hello so I have what I believe is my winning product. I had been running facebook ads to the product and getting consistent sales (3-6 sales per day) for about 10 days, so i decided it was time to start scaling. I created more ad sets in different countries using the same targeting ( a Subscriber LAA based on my email list but each LAA was created for the specific countries + a general interest tied on to the LAA) while increasing the daily budget of the best performing adset slowly. I made sales in the first day right away in those other countries while also continuing to make sales in my first ad set from the US. All of a sudden from one day to the next, the ad stopped converting. My CTR stayed above 5% and my cost per link click for the best performing ad set was under $0.50. I was still getting hundreds of visitors to my site. But 0 conversions. 

Does facebook need time to correct itself? Is it ad fatigue (dont think so because my lifetime reach was 10,000 for a 400,000 size audience)?

Has anyone gone through this and been able to get conversions going again? What did you do? Any help is appreciated!

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Google ads are great if you do them right. What have you tried so far?

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I´m facing the very same problem mentioned here but still couldn't find a proper answer. Have you?

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If you did this only 2 days ago.... could just be a slow day. An ad that works in the USA may not work exactly the same in UK, Canada, Australia or any other country. The people are different in each market. You may need to make a tweak to your ad copy or image in each country. Don't forget to setup Dynamic Product Ads for remarketing to all these people.

If you have a few products, then I would look at Google Shopping as your other options. Since you can target people based on what you sell and what they are searching to buy online.

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