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I am new to this. I have created a Facebook shop page and have my own website store front through Shopify with a custom web address. I tried to do my first ad campaign and I get correct 1 error failed every single time. 

I have a verified email address with FB and pixel is connected. Why can't I run ads? 

Because I'm just starting out I don't have a registered business with a state. Facebook Ad Manager says that is optional. Is it really though? Do I have to spend a bunch of money to get a state business code and all that? What steps did you have to take to get them going? 

I did chat with a FB rep when I tried to run ads through the FB page itself but was told I have to enough of a following to justify them allowing me to sell through them. Is there some requirement like that before I can run FB ads?

Finally, whyyyyyy does Facebook not give some damn feedback so people can figure out what the hold up is. Do they not want the money lol

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Well the kind of products you are promoting will determine the solution because Facebook restrict some products which can't be promoted with Facebook ads.

What products are you promoting?

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I sell print on demand shirts. It's a Halloween collection. No cuss words
or anything like that.
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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi @FinalStopShop,

It's not a requirement to even have a Facebook business page to run certain ads, so I think not having a registered business, isn't the issue for you here. 

It's really difficult to know why you can't seem to run ads without taking a look into your Ads manager account to see what's going on and this is definitley something Facebook would know better than us at Shopify as it is their ad account. There is a Facebook Business page which would be the first port of call for this. You would need to make sure your Ads manager account is set up correctly and maybe there is something with that which is preventing you from getting some ads done? You can see the "Getting started with Ads manager" here

I'm not aware of any requirement for having to have a certain following before ads, and think ads could be a good way to help build a following in ways. The content team at Shopify did write a great blog post going through how to advertise on Facebook in 2021 which I feel could be very valuable for you. You can see it here

I hope this helps and wish I could be more direct help. If you have any more Shopify specific questions, don't hesitate to let me know!

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