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Previously we used Easy ROI Hunter app to manage our Facebook ads but had to come away from it due to needing more control over our ads.

The ads they had running were quite successful, particularly one running for dynamic ads to a broad audience. I replicated this when we deleted the app and replaced the audiences using our pixel but ever since the results have been very bad 11,902 impressions 117 views content and 1 purchase 😞

Can anyone help please? I've tried everything I can think of. 

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A couple of questions before we can dive into this more:


-How did you optimize your site for SEO?

-What's your system for retargeting clients?

-What kind of control over your ads did you need? (this could be the smoking gun)



In the mean time, if you need a quick tool for optimizing your site, you should try a free store analyzer tool such as AdScale's as it will:

  • create a Personalized Store-Readiness Report
  • deliver in-depth guidelines for store optimization
  • notice the details that SEO crawlers look for- before it's too late

This would help you increase your traffic further and possibly iron out some of the wrinkles you might be missing.



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Retargeting system is:
Abandoned cart (last 24 hours)
Viewed product but didn't add to cart (last 14 days)
Viewed category but didn't purchase (last 30 days)

The retargeting ads are not the issue, the problem we are having is with dynamic ads for broad audiences. 

We need more control as with Easy ROI Hunter you're limited to retargeting ads and unable to test anything. We want to be able to do one-off campaigns throughout the year and look into testing our creatives. 

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There is not enough information here to be helpful. If your ads are not working, it's either your targeting or your creative. I'm going to guess it's your creative if you tried to duplicate the targeting the app you used did. Keep on working on your creative (image and ad copy) until you find something that works.

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Everything is duplicated the audience and the creative. I've tried adjusting both separately and it still was massively underperforming in comparison to the ad set up by Easy ROI Hunter. I just wondered if there was anything else I could be missing. 

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If you have lots of impression for your ad but visits and leads are very low....then there could be a only one thing is possible that because of  you didnt reach out to your expectation....


1. you should optimize your website with SEO

2. Your landing page should be engaging and attractive

3. optimize your title, description with niche keyword for your product

4. design related image

5. always come with offers 


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I am not sure how you will get of this situation - I am Trackify X user and it really works with my facebook pixel and helps me syncs the event data on a daily basis which then can be used for Facebook retargeting ads. This facebook pixel app allows me to create a deep custom audience, collect niche tracking data, collecting data, date and time.

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