Facebook Ad Manager - Account Restricted even though I've not created any ads...

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Hi all,

I'm having a nightmare with Ad Manager on Facebook.

I made a new Facebook profile (as Shopify states it uses your personal Facebook account to access your business accounts), and created a Page using this profile. Now that I've uploaded relevant company logos etc I decided I wanted to try making an ad, to promote my products from my Shopify store. Now...

1. I've somehow ended up with a personal Ad Account (the one that I used to create the Page)

2. AND with a Shopify Business Manager Ad Account (when integrating Facebook as a sales channel on Shopify settings), both with different Account IDs. NOW, I'm not sure this is a problem.

3. I was then informed that my account (both personal and shopify business manager Ad Accounts) disabled and I can't do ANYTHING with Ad Manager.

I haven't even made any adverts yet!!! So i've violated nothing.

I've requested a review of this with the very difficult-to-use ad manager, which constantly opens new tabs whenever you click something. But who knows when they will action this, I've put a lot of time and money into preparing for this so any delay now is severely costing me.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.


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Hello there, 

I’m having exactly the same issue. In a few days we are launching and I don’t know what I have to do. I made an appeal and since 40 days no answer. I even talked with someone in live chat and he said to me that I have to be patient and this delay is because corona virus. Did you manage to do something? 

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I'm going through this now... 

When I first set out to set - up my business I used my business name on a facebook regular account...not knowing i should have made a like page using my personal account I already had

so i get locked out a moth ago about...

im telling them of the mistake and they cant comprehend 

apple, verizon, ebay, amazon, overstock, walmart seller platforms will fix the mistake but naw facebook treats us bad

we are businesses...

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I feel the same frustration as you guys. I have been complying with the policies in yet my ads still got disabled.
Anyway, you can try this service I am using right now. They offer variety of help, providing documents for verification and they do have very responsive customer svc reps. Search for Arcane Account Solutions. Check their website. Hopefully, they can help you. Good luck!