Re: Facebook Ad not converting since I migrated store from WooCommerce to Shopify

Facebook Ad not converting since I migrated store from WooCommerce to Shopify

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I recently migrated my store from WooCommerce to shopify about a month ago. And since then my conversion rate has dropped. I spent huge amount on facebook ad with zero returns. Facebook is also not receiving sales from my pixel which so strange. I have reached out to facebook several times but they keep referring me to documentation which aren't clear as to why I get charged with no optimization. Facebook has made no attempt to resolve this issue and keeps closing my tickets. I requested and book for facebook expert calls but no one made contact and this is frustrating. 

I am here to ask if anyone has migrated in the past and had same issue. SHould i turn off my fb campaign for now and wait for 4 more weeks for fb to study my shopify store?

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Hello @BxDxx,


Here are some of the reasons why spending a lot on Facebook ad campaigns won’t result in better sales.

1. You don’t have enough targeted audience.
Make sure to target the right audience so o that they can receive the most relevant ads. You can target your ads to three types of audiences when you advertise on Facebook: saved audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences.
2. Your targeting parameters need to optimize properly.
3. Your Facebook users/friends aren’t shoppers.
4. You aren’t segmenting ad campaigns. Segmenting helps to target multiple customer segments at the same time with different social media platforms.
5. Low relevance score
There are three key advantages of a higher relevance score that advertisers will enjoy:
> Reaching more people for less money
> Helping advertisers test ad creative options before running a campaign
> Optimizing campaigns in progress
Facebook uses its Relevance Score scale (1-10) to rank ads based on how engaging and interesting your ads are to your selected audience. The higher your score, the better.

6. Your ad set budget is too low
If you go too low, this could mean you’re not getting the reach you want to see.
7. Your audience is too small
It’s better to put more money into your audience rather than targeting irrelevant audience members just to increase your audience size.
8. You missed the mark for your target audience
9. Overlapping audiences
If you’re targeting the same audience with multiple ads, this can drastically reduce deliverability. Not to mention, it will also raise your costs!


In general, organic search is more cost-effective in the long run. If you have an organic search result that gets the same number of clicks as an ad, the organic result will have a better ROI. While you may have spent time on the result, you won't have to pay for clicks, meaning your return is higher per click. By tapping into free sources of traffic, you’ll start generating a good amount of sales on your Shopify store.


You can follow the below strategies to drive traffic to your Shopify store.


1. Optimize your Shopify store for search engine traffic
One way to optimize your store is by adding Keywords which are the search terms that people use with the search engines and will be what guide you in your search engine optimization. Once you gather all relevant keywords that are relevant to your product and your niche market, begin using them all throughout your website like in Product Titles, Product Descriptions, Alt Tags on Images and any other additional content.
2. Attract customers with content marketing
Just like your product descriptions will help attract visitors to your Shopify site, so will any other content on your website. A simple paragraph at the bottom of each category page with a lot of keywords that are likely used on search engines will do the trick.
3. Write guest posts for sites within your niche
The websites on the top of the search engine results pages likely have a lot of other websites linking to them. The more links pointing to your website, the better. Rather than wait for other websites to direct traffic to you through a link, it is easiest to offer to write a guest post for other blogs within your niche.
4. Write blog post features of influencers in your market
Another way to get more links and increase traffic to your online shop is by writing a blog post that features influencers in your niche market.
5. Integrate social media
Integrate social media in your website to receive all of the new traffic on social media.
6. Showcase your products with powerful text, images, and video
Your product description should be detailed and evocative. Include vital product specifications as well as a powerful story about the product. Commerce is built on great storytelling.

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By "conversion rate" do you mean the conversion rate of web visitors to sales?  What do you mean by "zero returns"? If you can be more specific on the problems the community might be better able to help.


At the very least, I would removed the pixel all together and reinstate it after 24 hours to see what happens.


Good luck!

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Thanks for your responds. When I was running 20pd after with no sales while Facebook pixel is not reflecting on the website after I checked with Facebook pixel . I have removed and reinstated the pixel. Which didn't help either instead, all my products has been rejected by Facebook and ad account  has been restricted. Also my shopify store has been disconnected from my Facebook. 

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That's really horrible. Now it'll take a lot of time to deal with and solve all of this stuff.

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Bro, it takes a bit work to do shopify with fb BM.

First make sure you connect & verify your domain in FB in  shopify setting.

After that , then you can do the pixel setup, conversion event, etc.


Hv you done that?



It sounds bad that you burnt lots of money after migration.

Hope you can fix it soon.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I have done all that, my facebook pixel is connected to shopify and my catalog too. 


Facebook is not being helpful. I has noticed that facebook chat has been removed and all the email response I received are all articles which does not solve or even related to the issues. 



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Agreed. Getting help from Facebook support is a difficult task now!

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