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Facebook ad rejected

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Hello everyone,

I started my own online business and a few days ago i made the first step on paid advertising on Facebook.
First my advertisement was accepted and a few days later rejected instead.
I received this error:
Ad can't run: Create a new post with updated website URL(s)
This ad can't run because it promotes products, services, schemes or offers using deceptive or misleading practices, including those meant to scam people out of money or personal information (e.g. products that claim to boost Facebook likes). These types of practices don't comply with our Advertising Policies.

My advertisement looked exactly like this:
Now selling: Decorative Black and White Animal Posters���
Discover the wilds of Africa directly into your room with these elegant black/white posters�
To visit this product click on one of the pictures below�

And for all our new customers,
Enter this code: NEWCUSTOMER1234 manually during check-out and receive a temporary discount��

Or you can shop using the link below and the discount will be automatically processed during check-out��

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And i provided about 5 pictures in a photo carrousel with URL's linking to my website.
The discount is also legit and working, i tested it myself.
So does anyone see why Facebook would be rejecting my advertisement?


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Hey, I also have the same problem! Did you find a solution to this?

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Hey Davey, 


If you've looked through their policies and you're not in violation of any of them then you can contact Facebook from within your Ads Manager and explain that to them. In the past I've had ads automatically rejected (some type of automation error) and every time I've reached out it was reviewed then approved.


Just remember when contacting them to be polite, state what policy you think they believe you're in breach of then explain how you're not. I've never had trouble with this, unless your ad actually does go against policy. 


Best of luck!


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It looks like everything is fine on your end.


Keep in mind that Facebook is extremely careful with new ad accounts that don't have any history and it's nothing strange for them to disapprove or even ban accounts on a regular basis.


You just need to go to the ad level and then below their explanation, hit the request a review button and you should be good to go.


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@Dave0295 @Mystery666  - just happened to me 4 days back and even got my ad account deactivated as a result - BUT I managed to resolve it and am back on track 🙌with these two tips that actually worked:


1. Just like you I also posted freebie. I got advice to tone down the freebie for the first few ads, as it helps FB to see that an a/c is doing non-clickbaity ads. Most of ads that have limited editiong / time urgency in it from unknown a/cs get flagged. So build out a set of ads that are simple and introductory first, and then build on the freebies.


2. They also tend to auto-flag out ads that have specific copy like "bring africa into your home" cause the algorithm could mistakenly decipher that you're pushing a travel ad while you're actually selling eCommerce. So initially building out ads that are more explaining your products.


3. Please raise a help ticket? I apologised that I unknowingly made an ad that was not adhering to their guidelines and also showed my website screenshot,  URL etc. They sent back response with deets on what I could do better!


I know, too much isnt it? but then it is their platform and they have the right to choose the way people communicate on it .. i guess ...

Let me know if it works for you? Or if you need more info from my ads, I can share on DM.

Kay Mann, the eCommerce nerd and Bitmoji fan 🙂
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Hi! Can you tell me what do you exactly mean by a "Freebie" ad, and thank for replying!