Facebook Ad reporting Less Purchase Conversions than what I am actually Selling on shopify store

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Hi There,


I'm experiencing an extremely frustrating problem with my recently launched Facebook AD campaign and would be extremely grateful if someone could help me resolve this.

My campaign has been running for 5 days now.  However, in the last two days, I have noticed that the adds stopped reporting on my new Purchase conversions. I am getting sales on Shopify that are not being reported on the facebook ad. My issue is that I can't tell which of my ad sets are performing so I can Scale them or underperforming so I can stop them.

I have checked my Pixel and it looks like its getting the purchase events from my store correctly, However, I noticed that there is always 1 purchase event missing each day from my pixel.


Thank you.

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Shopify shows you the day a sale happens BUT Facebook shows the day someone clicked on your ads. So a sale may come in today but someone could have clicked on your ad on Sunday. It's always good to look at a 7 or 14 day window to see how your ads are doing. Also Facebook, Shopify and even Google Analytics are never going to match up as they track sales differently. Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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