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Facebook Ad Set - I am getting no Unique Link Clicks - Help me please =(

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I am so lost. I created 2 ad sets with 2 different keyword (one for each) and set to conversion. First 2 days I got 100 unique link clicks and 1 purchase for $5 budget per day each ad set (total $10 per day), I was so excited.

Unfortunately, the supplier had issues shipping to a certain country. I turned off the ads and had to fix my website. A week later I turned them on again (same ad set) 2 days total 5 unique link clicks?!?!? On top of that I have a message in ad set saying "Your ad may not be optimized for conversions because we haven't received any activity from your pixel in more than 7 days." I kept it on for 3 more days but same horrible results. Why did the same 2 ad sets fail horribly a week later?

I looked at some youtube videos are tried CBO conversion, same 2 ad sets, same $10 per day budget. 8 Unique link click, and same message "Your ad may not be optimized for conversions because we haven't received any activity from your pixel in more than 7 days.". Why can't I get the same results I got the first time??? Also, if I change conversion to Landing Page Views under optimization it shows more conversion under daily estimate. I dont' know what to do =(

I also created 8 ad sets ($3 each) to test, set to conversion. Again, couple of clicks max for each ad set. Screenshot below. Can anyone guide me on what steps to take to get relevant traffic to website?

Please help, what should I do to get relevant traffic? What settings? Should I set to Landing Page (facebook says I'll get more estimated clicks), or link clicks?

Please help.




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Darn, no takers =(

If anyone can just answer few questions below:

I know we are supposed to wait for 50 optimization events for an ad set to stabilize but:

1) Let's say I set to conversion with a budget for $5. Waited 1 week, I didn't hit 50 optimizations. Do I wait longer or change ad set interest or optimization for ad delivery (landing age, link clicks, ads)?

2) What if my landing page or Link Clicks is getting more traffic and optimization events, should I stick with those?

3) Let's say I set to Landing Page, got 50 optimization events in 1 week. Can I change it back to conversion, is Facebook smart enough? Or that optimization only works for Landing Page and has no influence if I change it to Conversion. 

Please guys, any help, I have 8 ads running simultaneously set at conversion with each ad having different interest and getting nothing. What can I do? What do you guys do? There has to be a formula to atleast get some consistent traffic. I think I am getting lost with so many different settings with ad sets and dont know which one I should stick with.