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Facebook Ad Strategy - How to Build Valuable Lookalike Audiences & Social Proof in Just a Few Days

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Step 1.) Have a product with (preferably) mass/worldwide appeal 
Step 2.) Have a starting target audience dialed in (or build out a few in your FB Biz Manager)
Step 3.) Create a new campaign with an engagement (or similar) objective
Step 4.) Set your regional targeting to "worldwide" - this will give you Very cheap impressions but massive engagement (provided you can make a decent enough ad)
Step 5.) Create some ads - preferably video ads - with an enticing offer, product, idea, video review/testimonial
Step 5.) Run the ad for a few days+ until you start getting some big numbers (happens pretty quick)
Step 6.) Build a custom audience of video views (or whatever other engagement happened) for people that watched 50%+, 75%+, 95%+ of your video content
Step 7.) Use that custom audience(s) to create a lookalike audience, but set the region to your target location
Step 8.) Let the LAL audience populate and you can now use this super relevant FB algorithm-created audience in your campaigns 
Step 9.) Enjoy and also use the worldwide ads that have high social proof in other posts/campaigns (though it's tricky to change out the copy, URLs, call to actions - so keep that in mind)


Let me know if you have any questions, etc.!

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Creating a lookalike audience is a great way of targeting people who have the same profile as that of your audience, but have never engaged with your brand. Not only is a lookalike audience useful, but it has made advertising easier than ever.


Facebook analytics is incredibly helpful, and easy to use when building a lookalike audience. It allows you to track what users are engaging with on your website, and what pages they visited. This data is sorted into categories such as gender, age, location etc. This is all information that can be extrapolated, and used to create a lookalike audience.


By targeting these “lookalikes”, you are increasing the chance of generating quality-leads. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Make sure you are targeting the right audience. You can create a lookalike audience from people that have visited your homepage, people that read your “about us” tab, or even better, the people that browsed your product page.
  • If on the opposite end you are looking to increase sales, then you should turn your focus to those that have visited your products page (if they are available on your page), or those that clicked on to your website.

In both scenarios the users have engaged with your brand, but likely for different reasons.

  • Just like a phone book, you must keep your list up to date. Trends change, and customers come and go. This is especially relevant if you are marketing for a product or service that is seasonal.
  • You can also target people based on their behaviour and demographic. This is an excellent tool to reach people in different areas. Now don’t forget, if you are going to target a different area, you may need to adapt your ad. If you are selling sunglasses, and were targeting a coastal region, but switch to the mountains, an advert with snow will be more effective than a beach, right?

As you can see, it is pretty straight forward, Facebook will do all the hard work for you, though it won't guarantee an increase in sales, it will definitely increase the number of impressions. All you have to do is keep uploading quality content to complement the quality data.

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