Facebook Ads Account Disabled PLEASE HELP

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My dear Friends, 

Can anybody help with FB Ads Acc issue. First FB disabled my personal acc it was my mistake i didn't understood well what did FB asked me to do and I disabled it. Then I used my wife's FB acc, to create new ads and for 10 days and 100$ spent everything was fine.Today I wanted to change audience in one add and i made changes then i clicked  "save" and it said "not published only active Acc can make ads". Add was about silver bracelet not alcohol, drugs sex or guns. I made changes in audience regarding key words nothing special. I requested review from FB but still no answer. No i can't open new add account i don't have an option. I can't run my ads. It is the most stupid application ever. complicated, overrated and i have no words about NO SUPPORT AT ALL!!! PLEASE IF ANYBODY CAN GIVE ME AN ADVICE WHAT TO DO. THANK YOU ALL!!!

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