Facebook ads account for rent

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You don't have enough old, quatity advertising accounts, can't take regular payments - can't spend big budgets

You need to support when your campaigns are not approved ( beacause of image, safe page...)

You need to support you 24/24h ( add yoy to our team ), If the account has come proplems such as: flagging, abnormal...

We can solve all these proplems

We are committed to providing you with 20 advertising accounts in the first week and maybe about 4-5 times as big as it in the next 2-3 weeks.

 You can talk to us via 2 channels: Skype, Telegram (Priority)

Skype: JennyNguyen2010

Telegram: HuongMaiNguyen

Thank you for your interests 

Telegram: @JennyNguyen2010
Skype: JennyNguyen2010
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