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I have two ads account, one business ads account and one personal ads account. These two are both connected to the same business page. For some reason FB disabled my business account so I can’t use it to create ads for the business page. My question is, can I use my personal ads account to manage the ads or is this not wise as it’s from my personal account. I know it’s possible but is it wise? Or does it not matter which account I use as long as the page is a business page?

Also, if it’s recommended to use a business ads account, how can I connect my business page with a business ads account as the business ads account I have now is disabled?

Many thanks for your help

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To keep facebook account safe for users, it reviews it's advertising content.

In many cases, facebook disables the account that doesn't follow it's advertising policy.

There can be a variety of issues in facebook add account that is -
1) If the add account is disabled, then review the facebook policies and it's terms of use.

2) If you think your account is disabled by mistake, therefore it follows the facebook guidelines then you can contact facebook help centre.

3)If you are notified that your add account was flagged for some unusual activity, then there is a form available at facebook Bussiness help center, you can easily fill that.

4) Go in your Facebook Ads manager and follow the guidelines mentioned in the red box at the top of the page to make your account safe and secure for further functioning.


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