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Facebook Ads and Shopify Analytics

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Hi everyone,

So I only just started running Facebook ads for my store, no sales as of yet. 
Here's a screen shot of my ad manager so far:

FB Analytics.png

Everything is still fairly low for now, where I had 21 visitors on my first day, shown by my Shopify Analytics. I have a budget of £3 per day per ad set, with just an image ad for now.

Just wanted to ask, are these figures normal? Are they quite low or expected? Did anyone else experience this and overcome it? If so, how?

Btw my website is and Facebook Page is Nite Place, if anyone wants to check it out 🙂

Another question is it better to schedule a time for those ad sets to end or should i just leave them as ongoing?

Alot of questions I know, but any help is appreciated, even if you just answer one of them 🙂

Thanks in advance

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Hi @EmmanNite,

the figures are normal for this liw budget. I would suggest switching to CBO (campaign budget optimization) rather than setting budget for each of the ad set. You will have much larger budget a FB’s algorithm will decide which ad sets are worthing investing in (=which ad sets will generate the cheapest results).

I would also increase the overall budget - to get more data and then start optimizing the ads.

As for scheduling, I suggest leave them as going. When you have some data and see that the results are mainly being generated, let’s say e.g. during weekend, you can then run the ads only on these days. 

Hope it helped!

Send me a link to your store to and I'll help you out.
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Hi Niki,

Thanks for your reply!

I will look into implementing the changes you suggested.


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Running Ads all the time will not be beneficial for the business. You must have to set the target place and time where you want to run ads, and showing ads all the Places and time will not work. It will only waste your time and money. It would be best if you Ran ads when large people are active on Facebook. You should do A/B split testing for ads and monitor which campaign is getting more traffic, and invest in that campaign.


It would be best if you first had to make a strong strategy to grow your Facebook business.

Here are some points that will help you to grow your business.

  • Keep Pain Points and Emotional Appeals Central
  • Choose the right Ad objective 
  • Do a competitors analytics
  • Create your target audience
  • Use emojis to connect with your customers
  • Choose your bid wisely
  • Make content user friendly
  • Test everything, always


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Good suggestion. Thank you for sharing.