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Facebook ads and traffic

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So I havebeen referring traffic to my website from FB. I have sent over 2K + visitors and spents $300+ on clicks and am offering dsicounts with the campaigns and still no sales. The relevance score im getting from facebook is 8 and I have been retargeting this visitors via kit dynamic retargeting ads. Would like some insight as to what I can do to sell more. 

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I'm checking your website on a mobile device so can't check if you have analytics in place. 

You need to check your analytics data to find out where are visitors abandoning your funnel, and then try to understand why it's happening.

For example, are they adding to cart but not proceeding to checkout? Or do they abandon checkout at shipping or payment stage? Each of these issues has their own solution.

First try to figure out WHAT is the problem, and then WHY. Then work on a solution.

Use a service like Hotjar or Inspectlet in addition to Google Analytics. Watch how users who come from FB campaign interact with your page, how much they scroll, where do they click etc. And use this insight to find and fix issues.

In addition, your website doesn't follow some basic e-commerce best practices. For example, apart from Free Shipping to US, I can't see any other information about shipping methods, delivery times, costs, places you ship to etc. on your website. Create a Shipping Info page which has all these information. 

- Ahmad

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Dariel, your website looks good. Although, I do have a suggestion regarding your 'About Us' section. I understand, you'd want to keep your product categories in the top bar, but as an online buyer, the 'About Us' section helps build trust. Your About Us section is at the bottom and is written in really small font. Plus there is very little information about who you are. That doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. You should write a little more about why you started, who you are, etc. Check out this article for tips: 

 Tips to write an About Us page

Second there is no 'Contact us' section. I would never place an order on a site where there are no contact details.

About your social icons: only the instagram icon seems to be working and clicks through to the right page. Facebook and Snapchat links are broken. And the 'Weibo' link redirects to some Chinese site. Frankly this could be the reason why no one is converting. 

Like Ahmad said, check out your analytics to see where people are dropping off and fix those issues before you do anything related to marketing. 

You have a great relevance score. That means, according to Facebook, you're targeting the right people. What's the click through rate of your ads? That'll give you an idea if there is an issue with your Ad.

For better conversions, the entire Ad flow has to be perfectly targeted: campaign objective -> audience -> Since people are clicking ad creative and copy -> landing page. Now, since people are clicking on your ads and the relevance scrore of your ads is hight, the audience and creative is fine. You can, maybe, change the objective of your ads to engagement and see if that works. Also for retargeting, segment your audience into different lists and run different ads for different lists with conversion as an objective. 

- people who visited your products page and different categories

- added to cart, didn't checkout

Video ads and lead gen ads seem to be working well. You can try both. Lead gen will also give you your custom audience. 

Another thing which is to be kept in mind is the landing page of your Ads. If your audience does not see what they clicked on, they will most likely drop off. Landing page should have concise information about the product displayed in the Ad and should be highly directional. There must not be a lot of buttons to click at which can ultimately cost you a sale.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

- Karan 



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Hi Dariel,

From feedback above I see the landing page is mentioned and that's true. Whether you drive the traffic to the home, product or other pages of online store it's good if you have content matching your ads. More relevant and personalized content you can build with PageFly Shopify landing page app. For example, you can add image gallery or image + text section content to your product page. The landing page will looks much more attractive to customers and get higher convertion rate.


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I think it's good to add chat box for communication instead of "Contact Us" form right now on your website. To increase sales you'll have to increase the conversion rate. As for that goal you'll need to understand more customers insights.


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It is good to hear that you are doing well in your FB ads campaign. I have just noticed that the Facebook Icon in your website is having a different link. Maybe you can add the link of your fan page there so customers will have more trust signal in your brand.

Visited you FB page, you can try growing your likes. And as well as encourage reviews in your page through asking your previous customers. Reviews are a big help.

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Hey Dariel reach out to me via Facebook I can help you out with this. Just reference this post so I can remember what we were talking about! I have made millions online and will be able to get you going in the right direction! Cheers!